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Best Knee Sleeves For Vegan Athletes: Review and Buying Guide

Best Knee Sleeves For Vegan Athletes: Review and Buying Guide

Posted by Davis Lenss on

While knee sleeves may not be a common sight in your average gym, they have become an essential part of my leg day workouts. I had some knee discomfort, but ever since I incorporated knee sleeves into my routine, those aches have nearly disappeared.

They won't miraculously skyrocket your lifting numbers; their primary function is to provide warmth and support to your knee joints. However, here's a little trick: getting a size smaller than the recommended one can add a touch of extra elasticity. This slight adjustment can make a noticeable difference, especially when you're deep into a squat.

What Knee Sleeves Should To Get

I use Strength Shop's Inferno Neoprene 7mm Knee Sleeves, and here's why they've become my go-to choice. These 7mm knee sleeves are thicker than the 5mm ones, offering more support. I'm also in between a size L and XL, so I went for L, I'm even considering getting a size M but they might be difficult to put on and off.

What truly sets them apart is their durability. In my previous experiences with generic brands, I often found myself replacing knee sleeves within a month or two as the stitching would start to unravel. Strength Shop Knee Sleeves, on the other hand, have proven to be incredibly resilient. These knee sleeves are IPF-approved. Knowing that elite athletes trust them while squatting weights of 300kg (well over 600 pounds) and beyond assures that they meet the highest standards in the lifting community.


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